Thursday, August 18, 2005

Knitted things: green bags


As a result of a few rather untimely events, I am sick during one of the most beautiful weeks of the summer. So blogging, playing video games, and a bit of practicing will be the extent of my physical activity... so I'm digging up a few things to share. First up: green knitted bags.

The bag pictured above was originally based on a drawstring bag pattern from a yarn site called However, I either lost count or got tired of referring to numbers and measurements... so here we are. The finished product is a little goofy-looking, and for now it is also lining-less. But it's not bad for carrying around light things. The yarn used was Red Heart's Plush (80% Acrylic/ 20% Nylon) and the bag measures around 20" in circumference.

Other stuff:

100_2022 100_2020 100_2029 100_2023

More projects to come in later months.

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