Friday, August 26, 2005

Let the show begin

Penn State York's brand new Pullo Family Performing Arts Center had its grand opening yesterday afternoon. I was there for a good four hours, first performing at the donors' reception outside with the quintet and then exploring the center's auditorium, backstage area, atrium, and library afterwards.

The donors' reception was... actually, I don't know how it was, having spent most of the duration playing music (the Mozart g-minor we learned a month ago and easy arrangements from a wedding music collection, if you were wondering.) The reception was outside, under a tent. We (the usual quintet) were on a small stage while people talked, mingled, and ate catered food. Following our hour-long gig and various Penn State and community bigwigs' speeches, the crowd was on its merry way inside the building.

(Above photos from This also makes me realize that I really should have taken more pictures, but below are the ones I did get. Mr. Schneider ought to have more on the YYSO website, I think.)

100_2073 100_2074 100_2080 100_2075 100_2076 100_2077

Pictures or not, the center was incredible. The auditorium itself is definitely more impressive than the Strand's. The atrium is excellent, with quick access to the stage, box office, mezzanine, library, and a even brand new Sparky and Clark's. ($1 coffee was the special yesterday.) The library is functional and pretty cozy; the YYSO quartet's performance area ended up being my favorite corner of the day. The mezzanine, where Paige and Leasha were fluting it up, gives an impressive view of the theater. My picture of the blurry dancers above doesn't quite do the audience area and stage justice, but it gives a general idea. The backstage area attracted a lot of visitors, surprisingly enough. Josh and Amy (in the picture second from the left) played in the green room; soon afterwards, lines of people were going into the back hallway where Josh and Amy as well as Zane and his dad were playing.

Overall impressions? Very positive. And the exposure is great as well; this season boasts two Broadway shows (42nd Street, Rent) as well as Bob Saget, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, and others. As for me? I'm excited to be rehearsing and performing there, that's for sure.

ps. Here are four more pictures from the event; the last three are from the York Dispatch.

050825_PSY_Arts_Ctr_6 050825_PSY_Arts_Ctr_2 050825_PSY_Arts_Ctr_3 pulloopening

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