Sunday, September 18, 2005

If only all homework assignments were like this

100_2105 100_2106

A pretty goofy project I made for my Mesopotamian art presentation for humanities class. This is the final project, made of air-dry clay. Unofficially, his name is Mr. Bean, with the general consensus being that he looks a lot like Rowan Atkinson in costume. Good thing I din't show anyone the picture of the original sculpture...

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The ultimate lunch experience

Since it was student day at the York Fair, today Central honored its best tradition--early dismissal for students. To celebrate and to use up free coupons the marching band, about 20 of us headed over to Stevi B's for what the restaurant calls "the ultimate pizza buffet."

They weren't kidding.

With an extra coupon Emily had from her church, I got myself an unlimited salad, pizza, dessert, and drink deal for $4.60. And this ain't your grandma's pizza: there was everything from good old pepperoni to a loaded potato pizza to dessert pizzas with peaches and cream. We stormed the buffet and headed into the party room for the best lunch I've had in a long time.

According to their website, Stevi B's is only open in three states--and one of those locations is in, of all places, York. But I'm definitely not complaining for having another favorite destination.

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Food for thought from third period class

School's started. It's the same old kind of thing--go to class, pay attention, do you homework, take some tests. But one assignment got my attention. Here is the prompt to our first journal assignment.

What is man? What distinguishes him? How do individuals fit within the context of a group or society? Does man differ from mankind? What is humanity? Is humanity the same as man and/or mankind?

Your task is to ponder man as a sentient being and develop your thoughts on him in his frailties and foibles as well as his strengths and accomplishments.

I spent most of flex period today thinking about this, scribbling thoughts and ideas down onto the half sheet on which the assignment was given. I'm still really unorganized and undecided on the main focus, but I realized how much I like this kind of thing... and consequently, how glad I am that I took this humanities course instead of AP English.

Here, we have vague guidelines--but anything goes. It's the study of humankind: the culture, art, philosophy, structure, communication... whatever. It's the kind of class where you can think out loud with very little reservation, and for the most part these classes are few and far between. So while it's only the second day of school, I think I'll enjoy this.

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Sunday, September 04, 2005

A series of blue knitted projects

The latest knitting frenzy was a pseudo-stashbusting attempt. I had this huge, meatloaf-for-six sized thing of RH acrylic in windsor blue and it needed to be used up ASAP. So, I sit here today with three finished projects... and a good bit of blue yarn left.

First, the wristwarmers.

wristwarmers: part of the blue series I like these a lot. After the previous attempt at glovey things, I needed something that wasn't all loose and baggy. A similar approach but a 2x2 rib and casting on 32 sts (I think) instead of 40 basically did the trick, although my dad complains that he can't wear them! I smell a birthday present.

They're a little scratchy though; that's what I get for only having access to Walmart as a yarn store. I Woolited them in cold water for a bit as a softening experiment, and it went pretty well. The color did fade a bit.

Next? A coin pouch.

coin pouch: part of the blue series I'd meant for this to be a squarish thing, but I fudged the stitches and bit and here you have it. The pouch itself is pretty sturdy, but I'm just worried about the drawstring. A 2 st i-cord became my backup for having a zippered opening. Sure, it works, but not without a lot of tugging and maneuvering. All right for a first try, though.

The pièce de résistance, however, is Mr. Dangly.

Mr. Dangly: part of the blue series

The all-powerful Craftster forums is home to this excellent post and pattern for making a cute monkey a bit on the special side. Not having any brown yarn whatsoever, mine just turned out to be Penn State proud. Maybe. But he sits up on his own! And that is definitely something to be proud of.

More pictures:

wristwarmers: part of the blue series coin pouch: part of the blue series Mr. Dangly: part of the blue series Mr. Dangly: part of the blue series

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Adventures in music listening

The two music communities I read on Livejournal (cellists and string players) have been booming with activity in the summer months. For me, reading these has been useful for college app questions, but the members always post interesting queries or other fun musical tidbits.

Today brings us an post by a young and talented Russian oboist and composer by the name of Andrey Rubtsov (the link leads to his biography--from which the picture was taken). He had recently written a piece for two cellos and string orchestra called Andante Dolente, and it is most definitely worth a listen. I'd go nuts for a chance to play a piece like this for an orchestra, which makes the YYSO concerto competition even more enticing... but that discussion is for another day!

See this page for the post by Rubtsov and the link to the mp3.

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

The culmination of calamity

I had this long, dribbling rant about the politics of events in recent days. It was typed up, saved as a draft, and kept that way until I realized how incredibly pointless ranting and raving really is at this point.

So basically all that's important to say is... reach out.

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