Thursday, September 08, 2005

Food for thought from third period class

School's started. It's the same old kind of thing--go to class, pay attention, do you homework, take some tests. But one assignment got my attention. Here is the prompt to our first journal assignment.

What is man? What distinguishes him? How do individuals fit within the context of a group or society? Does man differ from mankind? What is humanity? Is humanity the same as man and/or mankind?

Your task is to ponder man as a sentient being and develop your thoughts on him in his frailties and foibles as well as his strengths and accomplishments.

I spent most of flex period today thinking about this, scribbling thoughts and ideas down onto the half sheet on which the assignment was given. I'm still really unorganized and undecided on the main focus, but I realized how much I like this kind of thing... and consequently, how glad I am that I took this humanities course instead of AP English.

Here, we have vague guidelines--but anything goes. It's the study of humankind: the culture, art, philosophy, structure, communication... whatever. It's the kind of class where you can think out loud with very little reservation, and for the most part these classes are few and far between. So while it's only the second day of school, I think I'll enjoy this.

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