Wednesday, October 05, 2005

At the cellular level

After the slow, painful death of my Motorola V180, it was time to move on. Enter the Sony Ericsson Z500a:

I'd gotten so used to the size of the Motorola that this was almost startling. It's a hefty size in comparison, but I carry large bags around anyhow. The size is attributed to the camera, which... isn't that great, to be honest. But as I was not looking for a camera phone (originally I had been looking for an entry level Samsung, but the shipments never came in) this is not a big problem.

Usage-wise the buttons are slightly less intuitive than those of the Motorola, yet the SE is more customizable and more comprehensive, which I like. The graphics are also clear and the speakerphone is quite loud--perfect for talking while typing or something like that.

I think I'm pretty satisfied with this phone for now. After all, there is a $50 rebate on this thing, so it's a fair deal. I'll hang on to it for a while.

tags: technology, cell phones


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