Sunday, October 09, 2005

For all the people who clapped when Barret came on screen

Penn State York has cleverly killed a few birds with one stone with their recent screenings of FFVI: Advent Children. Though it was free, the Friday and Saturday night showings of Advent Children were used to attract gamers from near and far in order to raise some money and awareness for the Four Diamonds Foundation and Thon. (Read about it on PSY's website.)

Did I go? Let me just say that Final Fantasy VII changed my life--first when I watched my brother play after we got the game (and a Playstation) for Christmas in '97 and then later when I couldn't resist playing it myself. That game had everything. The story was great, the gameplay was addicting, and the music still gets to me whenever I hear it. So I wasn't about to miss this movie.

For such an unpublicized event (I only found out through my brother, who goes to Penn State), it was a great turnout. Though a big group of the stereotypical Galleria's-Hot-Topic based gaming/anime fans were pretty chatty throughout the entire film, Ryan, Matt, and I had a good time.


Ahh, yeah. My life is now a little more complete.

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